Fabrics, curtains & blinds

Some finishing choices

Eyelets, french pleats, goblet pleats, rear pleats or ripplefold.
Suspension to a rail or a bar.
Satin lining , with a contrasting fabric or blackout effect.
With or without tie back.


Special confections

Tailor-made solutions for:

  • Under the roof

  • Bow window

  • Theatre

  • Motorized systems with electric rails, motors and remote control.

The details makes the difference.

The boat awning is made of fabric. It replaces or completes the curtains. The venetian or slatted blinds offers a suitable alternative to bathrooms and kitchens.

The blinds can be mounted on the hedge or in the front of the window recess, as well as in the glazing frame. This last installation; is suitable for opening doors, or windows.


Symbol of an old-fashioned decoration, the trimmings have nevertheless adapted it's self to the tastes of today. Pipings, cable ties and tassels will bring a touch of exclusivity and refinment.


passementeries Houlès

A large selection of fabrics

Come look for your favorits; Plains, prints, velvets, taffetas, silks, cottons, damas, satins, linens, jacuards and veils.