Bespoke sofas & armchairs

Unmatched comfort

The height and the depth of the seat, the back tilt, the carcass design, the interior of the cushions (feather or foam): everything contributes to the comfort of a sofa.


Corner sofas, U-shaped, with or without chaise longue.

Custom manufacturing

The sofas are entirely made in our Pully workshop, from the wooden carcass to the finishes. 

The corner sofas can be completed by a meridian or be joined together in a U-shape. Finally, it is possible to replace the seat cushions with a mattrass to provide a perfectly integrated emergency bed in your living room.

A reduced carbon footprint

Made on the spot, our sofas do not travel. They are made on demand: there is no stock and therefore no un-solds to be eliminated.

Think about it; restore instead of throwing it away!

A faded sofa will find a new youth with a change of cover or a new cushion padding.
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